Echoes Of the Day Of the Old People

Echoes Of the Day Of the Old People


Emigrate, find accommodation temporarily, settle in Paris for more than twenty years, This year our relatives, our old persons were able to participate in a festive meal with Ngày Mới ( New Day) in the center Saint Jacques.

I got ready conscientiously and for a long time, I waited ardently this important day.

But, in cause of it ‘but’ devilish, all the forecasts were hindered. Because of the responsibilities and the work with Phượng Ca so I am very busy then I did not dare to promise to nobody in advance if this day does not fall on a day of representation …

On the calendar of the representations, on June 24th, Phượng Ca agreed to go to the world festival of the music organized to Vanves, Cachan, so I had to fail the day.

These days, I was able to read N ° 35 of Ngày Mới with the main subject on the parents.

When brother Lê Trân offered me this number, I read articles with passion, as a starving woman neglected for days. I read and read again without growing tired, every article has its appropriate value. But specially articles on the parents, so I was allowed go to the happiness and the sadness of the characters in articles and also think about my future of how I shall be? will I resemble the Văn couple in the story the Twilight of Diễm Thi, light and pleasant like the Love at the Hour of the Decline of Thiên Định, moved in my recollections by the days near my parents through the story Memories About the Gentle Mother by Chân Phương Lê Mỹ, that now, in spite of my age of adult, having responsibilities as a mother, a wife, I do not cease being very moved and being touched.

Nevertheless, the majority among us especially compose poems, write texts on the maternal love towards her children but very little on the paternal love. Or if there are some, it is in small quantity.

Because of the problems on the traffic, I fell into one day when the Parisian ones organized a monster demonstration. All the roads carrying out to me to the address of the appointment were blocked, the cars are at the died point, me also I am blocked, not means for me of leaving there.

Sat in the car, the hours pass… 1 hour, then 2 hours… I make turns and turns but without result.

It is already 17 am, I have to go out of Paris for another meeting in a feeling of anger of somebody who did not hold his word, worrying for the organizers if they knew problems, the guests if they were able to come by hoping that everything will go into the order …

I am very touched and I admire the biannual newspaper Ngày Mới which made relive the tradition of the wish of long life to our parents, the congratulations of the stability of the life of the couple in a simple, but very solemn feast, evoking the spirit of respect for our elder and calling back us on the saving of the happiness of the family in this society.

And if we can protect this tradition here, I hope that a new Vietnamese society can be built and on the basis of our Vietnamese habits and customs, and I hope that it will be preserved, exploited so that the foreigners can see the beauty and the attachment of the Vietnamese culture.


Phương Oanh, Taverny 06/28/2000

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