Representations of the end of year

December is the month the most occupied before the holidays, before passing in the second quarter of the school year, almost all the music schools organize representations, activities. The pupils are also very busy, they have to play for the music classes which they followed. So, before going on holiday, they have to return homework.

The 12-12-2006, three classes of flutes, harpsichord and “đàn tranh” of Antony produced together. Bertrand was accurate to the pupils. On the scene of the academy, with the lights and the atmosphere of the concert, the pupils of the class “đàn tranh” did not trust very then each had light dissonances, however not many. However it is necessary to repeat to become used to the scene. Fragments played with the classes of Bertrand were not convincing either, because of the lack of trainings. Pupils are conscious of it after the representation, then it is necessary to repeat and to repeat still for the representation of the next week.

Journey around the world

On Tuesday, 12-19-2006, the class of dan tranh of Antony’s academy made a representation with Phi Linh at the academy of Bourg La Reine within the framework of the music without border proposed by the piano teacher Mrs Coline of whom Phi Linh is a part of her pupils and he is the son of the musician Ngô Càn Chiêu. When Mrs Coline asked for the permission Chiêu to let his son play the Vietnamese traditional music, he has presented me to Mrs Coline for a meeting at Antony’s academy. Last Sunday, I was able to see her briefly. She was steering her class then we were not able to speak to each other very for a long time, because I also had to go to give lesson at Antony.

Thanks to this day, I was better able to know Phi Linh. At the age of 15, he is a musician of future, very intelligent, his music is very beautiful and very humble. When he came to train with the class dan tranh, he did not speak, but he listened to and executed well what is asked him. 

The music program goes From Europe, by way of America, Asia, Africa …

The part dan tranh is assured by the pupils Morgane, Xuân Anh, Ngoc Anh, in May Anh and the professor Nguyêt Anh with fragments Hon Vong Phu, Rose of China, Sakura.

Today with Internet and e-mails, the communication is facilitated and fast. Mrs Coline let know that all the parents accepted that their children participate. She also asked to these families to prepare dishes of their country so that everybody tastes it after the representation.

This last school day at Antony is reserved for the day of Bourg Laz Reine. I was not able to cook for my colleagues. Martine is very surprised that I take all the class to the representation. Goodbye in the Têt celebration.

I shall go to Vietnam with Dominique on 01-02-2007 for three weeks at Huê and one week at Hanoi. The professor Ngoc Dung and Nguyêt Anh will replace me to the academy of Sevran and Antony and the other places of Phuong Ca at Paris. Usually, I make the long movements during the holidays, this time I was not able to plan. But everything returned into the order. For the first time, the pupils will miss their professor during a month.

Audition at Sevran and Paris.

The academy of Sevran on Friday evening, on Saturdays 12-23-2006 the pupils of Phuong Ca at Paris and at the Vietnamese mission has the lessons. Later I can prepare my suitcases to go to meet the musicians of the traditional music of my native country.

Saturday with the class dan tranh Phuong Ca at Paris, everybody is cheerful. Brother and sister Thân brought Chinese raviolis, Nguyêt Anh and Minh proposes the rice  with peanuts, Trang with her salad of papaya in the dried beef, the mandarins of Lucie, Vanessa bought of the ginger in confit, the tea and the milk of soya. After a good meal, comes the moment to repeat some music. An atmosphere of Christmas was so create with the adapted music.

By leaving this place, I went to the Vietnamese mission to attend Christmas with children, I realized that a long day is spent. The children with new toys did not forget to repeat the piece “the cave of Bethlehem”. Notes are written on the board. The children repeat dedicatedly without counting the time that passes. The parents wait patiently for their offspring. They prepare all Christmas …

… In the air, I tightened my ears to listen to the angels singing, reminding us that Christmas arrived. The grace of the Christ spreads on people in the good heart, honest people.


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